Playing a puzzle a day provides learning that stays!
Solitaire game or cooperative activity. Great for the coffee table at home or in the class room!

1. For very young children, let them just get familiar with the pieces by putting them together in any shape or a long line.

2. For beginners, make a square with 4 pieces only. Continue to make two separate squares, three separate squares etc.
3. Next step, make a 3 by 3 square with 9 pieces.

4. Basic Challenge is to make a 4 by 4 square, using all 16 pieces with a combination of smooth and rough sides up. All pieces should interlock and outside edges will be uneven. See example on the next page.
There are more than two hundred solutions....

5. The Ultimate Challenge:  same as Basic Challenge, except, use only all smooth or all rough sides up. There are now 48 solutions for you to find!
Now you're on your own. Good Luck and Happy Puzzling!






The Ultimate Puzzle!
The Perfect Challenge
For All Ages!

A Fun And Educational Tool For All Ages!

16 unique puzzle pieces, 
each with a smooth side and a rough side.