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We love The Ultimate Puzzle because...

* "My daughters teacher has this puzzle in class and they take a picture of each different puzzle the kids make and then put it in a handmade book so they can see if it had been made already. They really love it."
Sunnyvale, CA

* "My class loves them. I teach a special needs, learning disabled class and it's challenging, but also fun for my students. I have created The Wall of Fame (your idea) and as they progress they get their name on the wall"
Bakersfield, CA

* "I wanted to thank your company for The Ultimate Puzzle and for being at the National Middle School Conference. I have a particular student who has taking a liking to the puzzle. He has actually found 3 different solutions so far. This is the first time that I have seen this student happy and he actually smiled. Your puzzle has made a star out of a student that doesn't get recognition from his peers. This puzzle has made his year!!! Thanks again"
Cumberland, MD

* "Besides being fun, these puzzle activities are full of educational content. They help exercise students' critical thinking skills, while developing and reinforcing math and language arts skills"
Dallas, TX

Left - "Puzzle Wall of Fame" at St. Joseph School. Courtesy of Missy Wagner and Amanda Sutter. Thank you, Jenna, Kenzie, Marysa and Samantha for sending us your picture. Photograph by Morgan
Decatur, IN

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